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There are a million student centric internet sites out there, but none of them really assist me resolve my daily *wants* as a student (housing, books, tuition, transport, and so on). To solve these, I still need to have to go to the middle man (home dealer, college book seller, etc.) who is going to charge me a hefty amount for his services or I require to go around the campus sticking notices so that a person who can fulfill my require can discover me.

The second alternative, although tedious, seems to be much more reasonable to me why must I spend any person when all I need to do is just communicate my want to other individuals about the campus and I am positive a person will be capable to aid me out?

Think about it.

I am looking for a space an individual about the campus is almost certainly renting out a room also all I need to have to do is find him/her.

I want to sell a book it is quite likely that someone about the campus is hunting for the very same book otherwise the book seller would not be generating income.

I devote 500 rupees on my vehicle fuel each day commuting to college. Possibly if I share my route with folks around my campus, I can do a carpool.

And I can go on and on.

Crux is that all students have similar requirements and the remedy to solving these requirements lies in nothing else but sharing those wants with each and every other, so that folks with matching demands can find each and every other (this is what we use *classifieds* for in a newspaper). The big question is how do I properly share my wants with others? Is it the campus noticeboard, is it the newspaper, or something else

If you observe around, the campus noticeboard is the only helpful thing that exists for this goal these days. Nevertheless, its not employed as extensively as it could be. And the purpose is that employing the campus noticeboard is not as productive and efficient to justify its use. It requires fairly a lot of work to compose a discover, print it and then stick it on multiple noticeboards around campus and even following putting in all that work, possibility of my notice reaching every person is quite low. It is hardly a matter of time prior to someone will take off my discover or cover it and even if it does take place to survive, it will only be reaching a restricted set of audience who has access to that noticeboard. To check up more, consider taking a glance at: So if I contemplate myself to be rational, which I believe would be a fair assumption, the cost of putting a discover on my regional campus noticeboard does not justify the return, which explains why I do not use it in solving my day to day difficulties.

So what is the answer?

Do I preserve paying the middleman or is there anything else I can use? The magic word is SearchMyCampus. In todays Net two. Visiting possibly provides aids you should tell your sister. I discovered by searching Google. planet when each and every student is on-line scrapping on orkut, I consider it would be very beneficial if I could post my discover in 3 minutes on an online noticeboard and quickly make it visible to everybody around the campus (even to the fachas who have not but moved to the campus but are arranging to in couple of days). I do not require to print it, I dont want to stroll to college, I dont want to guard my notice and I dont need to have to waste paper. Browse here at to learn the reason for this enterprise. Wow!

Then what do I require to do to resolve my issues?

Two items:

a) I need to have to go to searchmycampus (my on the internet campus noticeboard), select my campus* and share my want there by posting a discover and

b) I need to make students around my campus aware of the website so that I can commence getting response to my posts.

So go ahead and share your want now.

Share it and I bet you will discover it!.
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