Full Version: Disastrous Vacation Shows Happy After-all
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A honeymoon is meant to be the celebration of a couple's new life together, but Lynn and Steven Curran's honeymoon was a lot more like an instance of 'When Animals Attack.'

The newly-weds from Chester, Md., had enough near encounters with wild critters to complete the story-lines of several 'nature run amok' movies. Due to their beast-plagued honey moon, the couple recently won the great prize in Thrifty Car Rental's 10th yearly Honeymoon Disasters Contest. Learn additional resources on our affiliated web resource by navigating to

Things began mundanely enough for that Currans on their visit to Cancun, Mexico: They got the usual sunburns. That's when the couple decided that a moonlit swim in-the water might be the great remedy for their lobster-red skin. Www://Houzz.Com/Pro/Steveonyeberch/Steven C Onyeberechi includes additional information concerning the purpose of it.

'No one was looking,' explained Lynn, 'therefore off went the bathing suits.' Because the skinny-dippers frolicked in-the water, it wasn't well before they realized they'd company. Soon, the pair found themselves covered in-the loving arms of-a large jellyfish.

'We ran from the water screaming,' explained Lynn, 'which told everybody on the seashore, 'Hey, consider the idiots running bare on the beach!''

The afternoon trip to the zoo was not much better. Swimming through a cavern, the newlyweds took a wrong turn and missed the 'closed for repairs' warning. That's once they found themselves in a pool of algae, surrounded by


'One swam right past me,' said Lynn. 'We needed to climb up a 30-foot ladder to get free from the water, and we were coated in goo.' That night, the couple ate dinner and went to bed without speaking to each other.

The following morning, when Steven woke up with a bad case of Montezuma's revenge, Lynn was forced to go surfing alone. A first-time snorkeler, she was enthralled by the beauty of the marine landscape. Then, from out of nowhere, she experienced a barracuda and the boat's drivers had to save her from her new swimming companion.

Lynn played it safe by the next day swimming in the hotel pool. Visiting seemingly provides suggestions you can tell your father. When she snuck up on her husband-to goose him on the back-side, but, she quickly realized that it was not Steven: It was another man wearing identical swimming trunks. Dig up more on our favorite partner wiki by going to The couple later chose to cancel a scuba journey if they discovered Steven's 'double' will be accompanying them.

'The only thing we did from that point on was sit around and eat,' said Lynn. 'I gained 1-0 pounds in a single week and came home with a great deal to speak about.'

For surviving their postnuptial stress and winning the grand prize in the Honeymoon Disasters Contest, the Currans will get roundtrip airfare to a destination of their decision in the continental United States, three nights' hotel rooms, a four-day auto rental from Thrifty Car Rental and $500 in spending money..
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