Full Version: You have Got The Power, So Why Aren't You Selling It?
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Like all things, theft is theft, misery loves company, bad people are everywhere, company is sometimes terrible, things go up and others go down.

Information is power right if those are all true then? Wrong, knowledge is just power if used. So just why could it be that most of us only use 'commercialized' marketing techniques and fail to make use of the small stuff that counts?

As an example, Google allows us to promote 2 url's, &

So ok. Nothing new... If you hate to get more about the infographic, there are many resources you can investigate.

Then why are not you selling the power Google gave to you?

See there's some people who understand that adding a link to both urls in your web sites is a strong thing. But what many of us don't know is that one may perhaps not simply put both url's and expect great results!

You are able to not merely want popcorn without taking the corn!

What you want to-do is give 2 URL's and 2 Search Phrases. That's it, there it is! If you encourage most of your page twice,

re: &

... Be taught more on our favorite related wiki - Visit this web page: ::McKinnon's Blog:: Why Do You Need Fresh Juice Treatment? - Then you desire to give Google 2 search phrases for both urls separately in your name tag.

Do not stop there though, try using both key phrases respectively within your description draw, alternative tags, H1 tags and within a portion of one's text.

Here are the outcomes of your efforts:

So the the next time google searches your site, it now has more food then before and you really didn't have to do an excessive amount of. Your research terms have now doubled for just two urls pointing to the same data. For additional information, please take a view at: continue reading. Going To Cheia Vida Is The Greatest Health Drink - Atelier de théorie littéraire certainly provides warnings you should give to your mother.

Enjoy this and remember, search-engines do not like junk methods and neither do your readers, so play safe and stay glued to the rules!

Most useful of luck to you!

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